Oculto – Craft Beer aged with tequila barrel staves or Budwiser doctored up?

When I first saw this beer and thought it looked cool with a day of the dead Mexican wrestling Mask on it. Then I saw it was aged with tequila barrel staves and infused with blue agave and got excited. Thought it was cheep fit sounding so good. I then started doing some research to find out it’s made by Budweiser and is not Mexican. It’s a beer Bud is marketing for craft beer drinkers. That burst my bubble.

I eventually bought a tall can to see how it really was. Most tequila barrel aged beers I have had I liked. But this was a fake wanna be craft beer that is just what I thought. Stay away unless you want a tweaked bud. 


Campo di Bocce – Sport, food and beer

Campo di Bocce Located in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains just south of San Jose is the small town of Los Gatos. Los Gatos is a well known town in the South Bay for being as small as it is. The town is known for beautiful scenery, great restaurants, a nice downtown, and highway 9.

I recently attended an event at Campo di Bocce. I was very excited because I love playing bocce ball. The only thing I knew about the place is they had great bocce courts and host the Madden / Mariucci battle of the bay charity bocce tournament every year where many 49er and Raider players and alumni play. http://www.maddenmariuccibocce.com

They have a impressive selection of Italian and craft beer for a venue of its type. I highly recommend this place!