Ramblings of a Beer Runner

Recently I wrote a post about one of my favorite beer blogs and websites The Beer Heads Today I want to write about another of my favorite beer blogs, Ramblings of a Beer Runner. The blog is written by Derrick Peterman. He has been a runner for over thirty years, a home brewer and beer enthusiast. This blog is more then just a beer blog. He writes about running, running events, home brewing, books, breweries, brewers them selfs, and of course beer.

I always find Derrick’s beer reviews very informative. I have tried new beers after reading a review on his blog. The blog posts on brewers and their breweries are detailed and even have interviews with the brewers. I am very impressed by Ramblings of a Beer Runner and it has pushed me to be a better blogger. Anyone can write a beer review, rate the scent, flavor, color, and give the beer a rating but to write about how the beer was brewed, thought up, and general information takes real thought and research.

Since Derrick lives close I got to meet him at a beer event a couple months ago. It is nice being able to talk to other beer lovers in person. I have a big group of friends I drink with at Harry’s Hofbrau in San Jose that are very knowledgable about beer and have a good palate but it’s fun to meet someone you’ve only read and looked up to.

Go to the official blog and look back at the posts and the Facebook always has quick links that aren’t in the official blog.

Ramblings of a Beer Runner’s Official Blog

Ramblings of a Beer Runner on Facebook


The beer Heads – www.thebeerheads.com

The beer heads have a great website for beer lovers, with more information then just a beer blog. Their most popular segment must be their beer review video blogs. They also have news articles on new and upcoming beer releases and other beers news. Sections with beer and food pairings, proper glassware usage, and an online store for their popular shirts and new upcoming merchandise they have a complete beer webpage.

The beer heads team consists of Jaye Specialist, Art and Peter. They are good guys and easy to talk too. I’ve talked with Jaye a couple times and it’s always a great conversation. If you see them at a Bay Area beer event just say hi to them. You’ll catch me wearing their shirts at beer events.

Do yourself a favor a go to http://www.thebeerheads.com