Change is coming

Yes change is coming to True Brew Too and change is good. I will be starting a Bi-Weekly beer review. I know I have been writing beer reviews but this will be a regular thing in addition to the beer events and special posts I write.

Please welcome my Wife Monica who will be our chief editor and part time photographer.

New artwork is coming.

We’re starting our 2014 Bottle Shares with our Spring Bottle Spare April 19th at 6:00pm for more information please see


Why make my own beer blog

I have been drinking beer a long time. Longer then I should have been (shhhh since before I was 21) but beer isn’t just beer like young people think. The last 7 years I have been drinking beer for the quality not to get drunk. My wife calls me a beer connoisseur but I am just I normal guy from the San Francisco Bay Area that loves great brew. I am only 31 so I don’t know everything but I know good brew. I been going to the pint night at Harry’s Hofbrau in San Jose every other week recently and The Flying Saucer in Memphis, Tennessee one a year. They have been the biggest help to expand my beer tasting. This has made me want to create my out brew blog to share what I find. Knowledge is power and I want to share my beer and brew knowledge with the world.