Chocolate Rain – The Bruery – Bi-Weekly Beer Review Episode 9

Episode 9

Chocolate Rain – The Bruery (Placentia, CA) ABV 18.5% 4.5 out of 5

Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with cacao nibs and Vanilla beans add to each barrel. The cacao nibs come from San Francisco’s TCHO.

Black in color. Very strong bourbon scent not very much head and no lacing. The taste is very thick and very very strong, tastes of chocolate and bourbon. This is the strongest beer I have ever had! It is stronger and heavier then dogfish head 120 minute.

I first had Chocolate Rain in Memphis, TNN in 2013 but this year I had this at my friend Scott’s house in the Santa Cruz mountains



True Brew Too is moving to Portland in one year

I will be moving to Portland after this school year (June 2015). It is time to relocate, get a new job, get a bigger place, start brewing beer, and be able to drink more beer. There are mo any other reasons for my family to move but this is a beer blog so I am going to spin it in a beer way.

I would love to get some readership up there before I move. I have been researching and talking to folks to find out where I should go first for beer. I am finding there are so many breweries, pubs and craft beer joints all over Portland. I am thinking about checking out the fallowing places first Cascade brewing, Portland growler Co, Humble Brewing, Upright brewing, and base camp brewing.

If you have any info or tips on beer in the Portland area let me know please. If you know someone in the Portland area that loves great bee please tell them about this blog. Thank you all. I love the Bay Area and will be back to visit often.

Santana Row Beer Walk – July 30th 2014

My friend and co-worker Marissa won two tickets to the Beer Walk at Santana Row. Her and her Husband couldn’t make it so she offered them to me. I was very happy to take them. I have now attended all 3 beer walks this year! I found a good friend to go with me. My good friend Sid got to my place a little late so we didn’t get to the beer walk until 6:45pm when it started at 6:00pm

Single Hop Mosaic – Hermitage Brewing (San Jose, CA) ABV 7% 4 out of 5 Pouring Location: Lake Creek Blue


Golden Gate Gose – Almanac Beer Co (San Francisco, CA) ABV 5% 5 out of 5 Soooo good! Sweet and salty. Pouring Location: Beau Bijou Jewlery


Flipside – Sierra Nevada Brewing (Chico, CA) ABV 8.4% Double IPA 3 out of 5 I hoped for it to be better. Disappointing Pouring Location: Flying Lizard Design


Raspberry Lambic Style Ale – Six Rivers Brewing (McKinleyville, CA) ABV 7.4% 4.5 out of 5 super tasty and pretty strong for a lambic. Pouring Location: Thea Mediterranean restaurant


Sasquatch Ale Double IPA – Six Rivers Brewing (McKinleyville, CA) ABV 9% 4 out of 5 this is double IPA that has the malt front facing and not overly hoped. It is very smooth and tasty Pouring Location: Thea Mediterranean Restaurant

Six Rivers Brewing was a new one for me and boy did they impress me. I will be looking for their bees now.

Kolsch – Santa Clara Valley Brewing (San Jose, CA) ABV 4.5% 3.5 out of 5 Pouring Location: The Blues Jean Bar


New Almaden Red Ale – Santa Clara Valley Brewing (San Jose, CA) ABV 10% 4 out of 5 Pouring Location: The Blues Jeans Bar

Hop Head Red Double IPA (2014) – Green Flash Brewing (San Diego, CA) ABV 8.1% 4 out of 5 Pouring Location: Donald J. Pliner


Pear Cider – Red Branch Cider and Brewing (Sunnyvale, CA) ABV 6.9% 4 out of 5 Pouring Location: Chico’s


Hard Black Cherry – Red Branch Cider and Brewing (Sunnyvale, CA) ABV 6.9% 2 out of 5 Pouring Location: Chico’s


Orange Wheat – Hanger 24 Craft Brewing (Redlands, CA) ABV 4.6% 4 out of 5 Pouring Location: Orvis


That is when we quickly got a bite to eat at the Veggie Grill (vegan chicken strips) before heading to the next spot for beer.

Pale Ale (Yellowtail) – Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits (San Diego, CA) ABV 5.2% 4 out of 5 Pouring Location: Maggiano’s Lityle Italy


Lux – Ninkasi Brewing (Eugene, OR) ABV 5% 2 out of 5 I was extremely disappointed in the selection Ninkasi had. Pouring Location: BlowFish Sushi


Asahi Black (Kuronama) – Asahi breweries (Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan) ABV 5% 4.5 out of 5 soooo good!


Supplication – Russian River Brewing – Bi-Weekly Beer Review Episode 8

Bi-Weekly Beer Review Episode 8

Supplication – Russian River Brewing (Santa Rosa, CA) – ABV 7.75% 4.5 out of 5

This is a great sour ale! They take a brown ale and age it 9 to 15 months in Pinot Noir barrels adding sour cherries, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus to each barrel. They referment the ale in the bottles.

Darker amber color with a nice white head and nice lacing. I smell fruit and the sour scent wasn’t as strong as I expected. I get a sweet smooth sour flavor with no tartness or bitterness. A sweet cherry flavor and the Pinot noir comes through ok the back end. This is a top notch sour ale and you must expect nothing less from Russian River Brewing.