This week is Silicon Valley Beer Week

I have been waiting for Silicon Valley beer week ever since San Francisco Beer Week. There are many event happening this week. There are many venues holding beer events during this week. The events started Saturday and go all week until Saturday the 3rd. My favorite place to drink beer in the area Harry’s Hofbrau is having 4 events in a row. I will be attending at least 3.

Tuesday July 30th 5:00-11:00pm I will be attending this -Almanac Beer Co Details from Harry’s:

We are proud to announce that Almanac has chosen Harrys Hofbrau to release their new Barley wine Heirloom Pumpkin aged in Brandy Barrels!

Along with this amazing Pumpkin Barley-wine we will have their new Dogpatch Sour! This barrel-aged wild ale is named for our San Francisco neighborhood and pays tribute to the Flanders Red style of beer. Aged in wine barrels, this lightly tart ale is brewed with California Rainier cherries using a house blend of wild yeasts, bacteria and SF sourdough yeast. Pair this complex ale with ripe figs & blue cheese or seafood bouillabaisse.

This is going to be and amazing release party with other Almanac beer to drink and bottles to share!

Tap-List is as followed:

*Heirloom brandy barrel-aged barley wine

*Dogpatch Flemish Sour


*Flowering Gose

*Farmers Reserve #3 (Strawberry Sour)

*Farmers Reserve #4 (Orange-Lemon Sour)

*Honey Saison

*Extra Pale Ale

Pint Glasses will be available for select beers and there will be plenty of appetizers and beer for everybody to enjoy!

Wednesday July 31st 5:00-11:30pm Drake’s Brewing Specialties and cask beers – I will be attending this night-
You know Aroma Coma, our American-hopped summer IPA. You probably also know its twin Aroma Prieta, hopped with hops from New Zealand. You also know that they were released on Saturday at the Barrel House. There were bottles. There were kegs. The taps were of course flowing all day. But the sleeper stars were the casks. Knowing that some of you require regular hop transfusions above & beyond what a mere bottle can handle, we took both of our double-dry hopped seasonal IPAs, put each in a firkin, and then added a third dose of hops directly into the casks for further conditioning. The twist? We took the NZ hops from Aroma Prieta & stuffed them into the Aroma Coma cask, and put Aroma Coma’s American hops into the Aroma Prieta cask!

People have flooded to these events to grasp a pint of these amazing cask beers and they will surely go fast! be sure to get here early for we will be pouring other Drakes beers for everybody to enjoy!

Lets show the Brewing how much love San Jose has for them and make this an event to remember!

Tap List is as listed:

*Triple Hopped Aroma Coma Cask (will be tapped @ 5pm)

*Triple Hopped Aroma Prieta Cask (will be tapped @7pm)

*Aroma Coma

*Aroma Prieta

*Drakonic Imperial Stout

*Robusto Porter

*1500 dry-hopped Pale ale!

Glassware will be available for select beers !

See you all early that day!

Thursday August 1st 4:30-11:00pm New Belgium 21 Tap Takeover– I will be attending this night-
We are proud to announce that New Belgium Brewing has chosen Harrys Hofbrau to release a couple of new beers off of their delicious Lips Of Faith and Hop Kitchen series!

Hop Kitchen: The Hop Kitchen is here to cook up four beers per year for the most daring of palates. Only the boldest and hoppiest beers make it to the bomber.

Lips of Faith: Do you trust us? Because the Lips of Faith beers are small batch beauties brewed for faithful lips. These bottles are topped off with tasty mischief

Tap List:

*French Aramis IPA (new!)

* Yuzu Berliner Weiss -Brewed w/ Yuzu juice

*Pluot – Ale Brewed w/ Pluot juice

* Paardebloem – Ale Brewed w/ Peach juice

*Coconut Curry Hefeweizen w/ added spices

* 2012 La Folie – Sour Brown

*2012 Prickly Passion Saison w/ Pear

* 2012 Biere De Mars

*2012 Peach Porch Lounger

*2012 Brett Beer (collab w/ The Lost Abbey)

*2012 Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout

*2012 Bier De Garde w/ orange peel ( collab w/ Vivant)

*Heavenly Feijoe Tripel

*Cascara Quad- w/ Date and Coffee Cherries

*Hoppy Bock Lager

*Rampant Imperial IPA

* New Belgium Trippel- w/ Coriander

*Ranger IPA

*Shift Pale Lager

*Sunshine Wheat

*1554- Black Ale

and of course Fat Tire

Friday August 2nd 4:30-11:00pm Sierra Nevada Tap Takeover I haven’t seen the tap list or info for this one yet but if its good I will let you know! If the have the Terra Incognita

Check out the website for the full details and events


Pluot – Lips Of Faith – A true hero for the lips of faith series

Pluot – Lips Of Faith ABV 10% – Ale brewed with pluot juice – It is a clear golden yellow color. The scent is of fruit, Belgian yeast and I am getting a herbal scent like cloves. This has an amazing tart fruit flavor that hits you first then tapers off and mellows into a fruity Belgian ale. The pluot is a hybread between plum and apricot. It seems to be the perfect mix of tart and sweet for a great beer. I rate this 4.5 out of 5


Stumptown Brewery

Stumptown Brewery

My family and I were on our annual camping trip to bodega bay, CA in Sonoma County. We camp for a full week during Fourth of July every year here. We decided to take a drive to the Russian River in Guerneville, CA. This town is the biggest town in its area, the next big town is seabastapol, CA. There is only one big street through this town and it is a also the highway so when we get in to town it is an instead crowd of cars. We get hungry and look for a place to stop an have lunch but the town is so crowded its hard to look or find a parking place anywhere so I look on Yelp for restaurants.

I found a couple but then I see “Stumptown Brewery” and tell my wife and she asks if they serve food and they do. I called them and asked if they have outdoor seating because we have our dog with us. They said they do but they also have a dog pen. That sold it we go and it’s awesome nice huge outdoor patio overlooking the Russian river and stair leading to the river. The dog pen was great water bowls, a bench, and lots of room.

The inside of Stumptown is a little small but very nice and rustic. The room they have on the outside patio more then makes up for the indoor seating. They have a pool table, air hockey, and many board games.
The food was very good I had the pulled pork sandwich which is a pulled pork with BBQ sauce and a creamy coleslaw ok top and it comes with a side of fries. My wife had the fish and chips and each kid had a hot dog. We were all very pleased with the food. Now for the real reason you are reading this if anyone still is.


Gay Hernandez Summer Ale – ABV 5.8%. – this is a darker amber color then some light lager style summer ales. Strong citrus and apricot hints. This has a great strong bite while remaining refreshing and creamy. I am very pleased with this ale! I give it a 4 out of 5

Bushwacker Wheat
ABV 4.2% – this is a cloudy golden unfiltered hefeweizen the look and color is amazing. The wheat hefeweizen scent is perfect. The taste disappointed me while my wife loved it. I give this 3 out of 5

Rat Bastard Ale
ABV 5.8% – this dark American pale ale is very good. Bitter with a clean finish. I give this beer a 4 out of 5.


This small brewery on the Russian river was a great find and I will be returning for sure! Keep up the good work y’all


Bourbon Barrel Stout – Anderson Valley Brewing

Bourbon Barrel Stout – Anderson Valley Brewing – ABV 6.9% – Black with a thick tan head. Scents of malt and oak. A thick stout with creamy tones that are cut but the oak and whiskey hints. The bourbon flavors are very strong in the after taste. I am impressed with the wild turkey barrels aging the stout. You would think the ABV would be higher by the strong taste and whiskey hints in the after taste but its not and it is much creamier and smoother the. I thought it would be. I give this beer a 4.5 out of 5.

I have been trying more beers by Anderson Valley Brewing lately and I am impressed by them. Their oatmeal stout is also very good!


Angry Orchard -Traditional Dry

Angry Orchard -Traditional Dry ABV 5.5% – Clear golden yellow color like apple juice. Lite cider flavor mostly taste like apple. There is scent of apples. This is a good hard cider. I hear the crisp apple and iceman are must better. I will try these soon Angry orchard has quickly become one of the better hard cider makers and a cider craft beer drinkers will actually try. My wife says the Redd’s apple ale is better which true butt Redd’s is ale with apple flavor and this is a true cider in English fashion. I give this a 3 out of 5



Santa Clara Valley Brewing – Electric Tower IPA

Electric Tower IPA – Santa Clara Valley Brewing – ABV 7.1% – I was very excited when I heard that Santa Clara Valley brewing was releasing their first beer in stores. Before I could get my hands on a bottle I read an amazing beer blog post on it from Ramblings of a beer runner
At that point it was a must buy next paycheck I was going to Royal liquor and getting a couple bottles. A couple days before I got paid my neighbor Moises got a bottle so I tried it with him first. It is an amazing IPA of the highest quality. I got my two bottles and took one to the end of the school year party at work so my co-workers could try it. It’s one of those beers it’s great to turn new people on to.

The history of the San Jose Electric light tower is a great story read up on it if you feel so inclined.

Light reddish color with a white head and white lacing. Scent of hops. Thin in the mouth but very strong heavy flavor. Strong hops and the alcohol burn in the back I my throat in the after taste. This is a great IPA and a great ale in general.
I give this a 4 out of 5



Breakfast stout – Founders brewing Co

Breakfast stout – Founders brewing Co – double chocolate coffee oatmeal stout – ABV 8.3%- my great friend Beer Jesus brought me this bottle from connecticut. I am very happy and excited to try this beer I have never had anything from Founders yet.

Thick black liquid with a thin tan head, nice thick tan lacing. Smells of chocolate, cream, and spicy stout. Tastes of chocolate but not over powering like others can. A very strong stout with roasted malts and coffee. That strong flavor and grit in the back of my throat in the after taste is the oatmeal used to brew this amazing stout. This is the best breakfast stout I have ever had. I thought the Mikkeller beer geek breakfast was the best I’ve had but this founders blows it away. I give this a 5 out of 5. I don’t give beers gives lightly but this deserves it.


Damnation – Russian River brewing company

Damnation – Russian River brewing company – ABV 7.75% – My family and I go camping every year in Bodega Bay, CA which is in Sonoma County for the Fourth of July week. It is only fitting that I try a new Russian River brew while in Sonoma County. I was given this bottle of Damnation by my great friend Beer Jesus.

Now it’s get to the beer. Golden yellow color with a thick white head. Floral scent. It smells like a Belgian strong ale. Light smooth flavor while remaining strong. A Belgian string pale ale is the best way to describe this beer for sure. I am a fan for sure it is a complex flavor that changes from a strong flavor into a cool refreshing pale ale. I give this a 4.5 out of 5