Ass Kisser Ales – Zeedonka and Stubborn Jack

I came upon these beers a my local grocery outlet. First I saw Stubborn jack and thought that sounds cool, what is it. I saw it was a smoked Porter and I love porters. Then I saw the price. $4.99 for a four pack? That is cheep I have to try it. Then the next isle they had another ass kisser beer, a Vanilla Pale ale called Zeedonka and its $4.99 a four pack also? Oh yeah it’s on. 

I looked up this brewery and Ass Kisser Ales is a family owned company owned by Ass Kisser Beverage company and they contract brew with Mendincino brewing Co in Ukia, CA

Zeedonka – Vanilla Pale Ale – ABV 5.5% – Golden yellow color with a nice foamy white head. The scent has a good amount of vanilla extract. I was a little put off because I didn’t smell any hops. The taste is light and clean with a creamy vanilla flavor. The beer is thinner then most pale ales but that makes it taste even more like cream soda in beer form. I also don’t taste any hops. I like it. It’s a good beer with a good twist. I give it 3.75 out of 5 


Stubborn Jack – Smoked Porter – ABV 6% – The color is black as midnight with a thin tan head with no lacing. The scent is strong of smoked malt. The mouth feel is pretty thin but the smoked flavor is good without being over powering. If there was ever a session smoked porter, this is a perfect one. It’s a strong beer. I give it a 3.75 out of 5. 

I am a new fan of Ass Kisser ales! Both these beers were very strong, good session beers and for the price I would take that all day, any day. I even told some beer heads about them.