Atomic Kangarue – The Bruery – Bi-Weekly Beer Review Episode # 15

Bi-Weekly Beer Review Episode # 15

Atomic Kangarue – The Bruery (Placentia, Orange County, CA) Produced in Collaboration with Smog City (Torrance, CA) ABV 9.5% 4 out of 5 Dry – Hopped Sour Ale with Grapes

They brewed this with 2 grape varieties and Dry Hopped with Amarillo Hops

Bright orange color with a thick white head and well carbonated. The scent is light and fruity. You can really smell the hops and grapes. This Ale has a bright sour flavor. I get the sweetness of grapes first then it turns sour and I get the dry hop in the back end.

It is a great sour and very different from what I’ve seen. I love new and unusual beers! My Neighbor said its the best sour he has ever had.


Le Terroir (2014) Lips of Faith – New Belgium Brewing Co – Bi-Weekly Beer Review Episode 13

Bi-Weekly Beer Review Episode 13

Le Terroir (2014) Lips of Faith – New Belgium Brewing Co (Fort Collins, CO) – ABV 7.5% 4.7 out of 5 – Dry Hoped Sour Ale Barrel aged for 2 years then dry hoped 8 days with Amarillo and cascade Hops.

Le Terroir means “of the Earth” in French. A dark golden amber color with a nice thick white foamy head. The scent is an amazing sour fruit and sweet hops. The flavor is tart and sour like you would expect with a dry hop punch at the front. There is so much going on in the front of each sip with a dry hop punch and sour tart hit. I find this to be a great sour ale with a elegant flavor and you can taste the love for brewing craft beer in ever sip.

2014-10-27 16.08.25.jpg

Opal – Firestone Walker (Bi-Weekly Beer Review Episode 1)

Bi-Weekly Beer Review Episode 1
Opal – Firestone Walker – Paso Robles, CA – Dry Hoped Saison – ABV 7.5%
Bright yellow color with a nice white head, Cloudy and bubbly. Light fresh fruity scent, the hops come through the nose after you get through the sweet fruit scent. Light sweet hops and citrus taste is the first thing I get. The dry but sweet hop flavor reminds me of a Belgian white ale. It is much bolder and full flavored then the lil Opal. Light consistency but heavy carbonation in the mouth. This was not what I expected but it is a high quality beer. I give it a 4 out of 5