Le Terroir (2014) Lips of Faith – New Belgium Brewing Co – Bi-Weekly Beer Review Episode 13

Bi-Weekly Beer Review Episode 13

Le Terroir (2014) Lips of Faith – New Belgium Brewing Co (Fort Collins, CO) – ABV 7.5% 4.7 out of 5 – Dry Hoped Sour Ale Barrel aged for 2 years then dry hoped 8 days with Amarillo and cascade Hops.

Le Terroir means “of the Earth” in French. A dark golden amber color with a nice thick white foamy head. The scent is an amazing sour fruit and sweet hops. The flavor is tart and sour like you would expect with a dry hop punch at the front. There is so much going on in the front of each sip with a dry hop punch and sour tart hit. I find this to be a great sour ale with a elegant flavor and you can taste the love for brewing craft beer in ever sip.

2014-10-27 16.08.25.jpg


Pumpking – Southern Tier Brewing – Bi-Weekly Beer Review Episode 11

Pumpking – Southern Tier Brewing (Lakewood, NY) ABV 8.6%

Copper color with a cloudy unfiltered look and a thin white head. The scent is heavy of nutmeg and spices with not much else. Tastes of pumpkin and spices. It reminds me of a pumpkin pie. A good solid pumpkin beer but the spices are overpowering my palate.
I really did like the beer but the spices were a little strong this year so I gave it a 3.5 out of 5. Still my favorite has been Almanac’s heirloom pumpkin ale.

The bottle says: Imperial Pumking – Brewed with Pumpkins, natural flavors, 2 Varieties of Hops and 2 types of malts. Pumpking is an ode to Púca, the mythical Celtic horse beast said to entice careless travelers onto it’s back and take them on a terrifying night ride through the Forrest. It is a Journey from which you will return forever changed. Pour Pumking into a goblet and allow it’s spiced aroma and deep copper color to entrance you. Taste the beer and you are bewitched, powerless to resist the Pumpking. This beer is brewed with a pagan spirit, but should be enjoyed responsibly.


Bi-Weekly Beer Review Episode 10 – Special Labor Day Edition – Wiseacre – Snowbeard Barleywine

Bi-Weekly Beer Review Episode 10 – Special Labor Day Edition

Labor Day celebrates the hard working blue collar labors. It seems a lot of the jobs and positions for hard working labors that this holiday was founded and meant to celebrate are gone from this country. So many machines, robots and foreign outsourcing took these jobs away from the American citizens. With that said, Hats off to all the laborers left in the USA including the welders, plumbers, assembly line workers, truck drivers and all the other hard working stiffs out there.

Now I am not trying to go on a political rant, but I think the brewers and hard working folk that work hard to make all the beer we love should be celebrated on Labor Day. Brewing beer is a labor of love but it is also hard work. To everyone working in the breweries from the guy driving the fork lift, to the person filling kegs and growlers, to the head brewer thank you all for your labor of love!

Wiseacre Brewing Co is a new brewery in Memphis, TN in the last couple years. Memphis is an AMAZING city! I love it but it really didn’t have many breweries of craft beer places until the last 3 years. It took this new national craft beer boom for Memphis to really get going of local craft beer. One of my best friends owns Memphis Filling station and have me this bottle. It aged almost 4 months after I got it before I opened it today.

Snowbeard – Wiseacre Brewing (Memphis, TN) ABV 9.5% Barelywine 4 out of 5

Dark orange color with a thick white head. It’s a thick ale you cannot see through. Strong malt flavor with hoppy after taste. Scent of malts and grain. A strong beer with a even stronger after taste.