I got to meet Matt Brynildson head brewer at Firestone Walker

It was Thursday February 13th 2014 and it was SF beer week. Harry’s Hofbrau San Jose was having the Firestone Walker The Roots of XVII. This was a huge event with rare ales from the company and Matt Brynildson giving seminar on blending barrel aged beers.

This wound up to be a good and bad day. My wife and I went to sleep train in the morning to get a new mattress. The event started at 6:00pm and they came to deliver my mattress at 6:00pm and after 30 minutes of the two guys arguing and calling people they tell me the mattress isn’t on the truck and they will be back later. We’ll 45 minutes later they show up with the mattress and now it’s 7:20pm and my family and I still need to eat dinner before I go to the beer event.

My wife and 2 kids have a tradition of going to pizza my heart for two heart shaped pizzas the day before valentines day. We went and did that some I didn’t get to Harry’s until 9:45pm. Without saying I missed the seminar and some of the rare ales.

When I got there I said hi to my group of friends then got my first beer. They still had Velvet Merlin on cask so I got one. When I sat down next to my friend Daniel little did I know on my other side was Matt Brynildson eating dinner. My other friend Scott all drunk came up and made a big deal who I was sitting next too. We talked about stuff but I didn’t talk his ear off about beer I thought he got a lot of that’ll already. I did tell him how the Velvet Merkins release was one of the best beer event I’ve ever been too. My friend Justin opened a bottle of Sante Adairius – Nonna’s blend #5 surprisingly Matt had never had any Sante beers.

I did get to have a couple beers here they are

Velvet Merlin (on cask) – Firestone Walker ABV 5.5% 4 out of 5 nice dark black with a thick tan head. Light and smooth on cask.

Nonna’s Blend #5 – Sante Adairius rustic ales ABV 5.7% 4.5 out of 5 very good sour!

Parabola (2013) – Firestone Walker ABV 13% 4.5 out of 5

Sucaba (2013) – Firestone Walker ABV 13% 4.5 out of 5

Half Sucaba & Half Double DBA – Firestone Walker – This is an AMAZING mix!! They really work well together. My Friend Daniel said he thought it was the best mix he’s ever had- no photo


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