The quest to get my pumpkin badge on Untappd (In December)

In the fall when all the pumpkin beers were coming out I tried a bunch but didn’t get my badge on untappd. I thought it’s ok the pumpkin beers will be around in the winter also. It was my winter break from work do I deiced to go out and buy some pumpkin beers do I can get my badge. It was December 27th I went to Royal Liquor across the street from my house and they only had Fat jack and almanac heirloom pumpkin which I’ve had already. I talked to the guy at the counter and yup it’s just a fall thing.

I went to the driving range that night with my friend Moises and after we stopped by Bevmo on the way home. Just like Royal Bevmo had almost no pumpkin beers left in stock. Luckily they had a couple and I hadn’t had any of them. I talked to a stocker and he pointed out the 21st Amendment He Said box which has a pumpkin Belgian Tripel and a Pumpkin Baltic Porter. Then luckily I also found a bottle of Fruit Crate Pumpkin ale by San Jose’s own Hermitage Brewing Co.

Fruit Crate Pumpkin Ale – Hermitage Brewing Co. – ABV 9% – Amber color with the white head. slight scent of pumpkin and malts taste of hops and pumpkin with sweet malts strong pumpkin after taste 4 out of 5

He Said pumpkin Belgian Tripel – 21st Amendment Brewery– ABV 8.2% – light orange color with a nice white head. The scent is perfect like smelling the best pumpkin pie. The taste is also like pumpkin pie with pumpkin flavor and spices. The nutmeg flavor is strong 4.5 out of 5

He Said pumpkin Baltic Porter – 21st Amendment Brewery – ABV 8.2% – black color with a tan head very dark black can’t see through roasted malts and pumpkin in the nose string spices and malts with a pumpkin after taste. 4.5 out of 5
I did get my Badge after this quest!


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