Shegöat – The Bruery

Shegöat – The Bruery – ABV 8.7% – From the Bruery: “Shegöat is based on one of Patrick original, award winning homebrew recipes. Based primarily on the traditional weizenbock style of Germany, the beer is rich in the flavors of bananas, cloves and caramel malt with slight spice hovering in the background. Just like the banana bread that groRmutter used to make.”

This bottle came in the Winter allocation of the preservation society membership. I was very happy to try this new beer. I took it over to my neighbors apartment to share with him and his brother in-law while watching the 49er vs Falcon game. We were all impressed with this beer.

This beer is extremely dark brown in color almost black with a thick white almost tan head. The scent is of dark fruit, almost candied fruit. It tastes of fruit and dark spice like cloves. The after taste is almost tart. This is a German style beer in all aspects of the flavor. I have this a 4.5 out of 5 but it’s really more like 4.8




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