Rueuze – The Bruery

Rueuze – The Bruery – ABV 5.9% – Sour blonde ale aged in Oak Barrels – From the Bruery: “Rueuze is our take on the traditional Belgian- Style blend of lambics of different ages. We carefully select a number of oak barrels from our warehouse that have been aging out sour blonde ale for anywhere from several months to several years and blend the beers together to what we find to be the ideal flavor. This is one complex beer. Notes of hay, barnyard funk, apricots and olives play wonderfully with the balanced acidity.”

Color is cloudy yellow almost orange with a light white head. The sent is funky like the bacteria that sours the beer. Taste is light refreshing with a hint of fruit like apricots and a sour aftertaste. Very good sour blonde ale! 4.5 out of 5




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