Or Xata – The Bruery (Horchata Beer)

Or Xata – The Bruery (Horchata Beer) – ABV 7%: some people say yuck that would be disgusting and others like me say wow I bet that’s amazing, I have to try it.

Cloudy light brown color. Creamy cinnamon sent with a light sweet creamy flavor with the cinnamon in the backend. It is so amazing how close they got this beer to taste like the great Mexican rice milk drink that is Horchata.

Mixed with half and half : sent is much more creamy. The taste is much more creamy obviously, it tastes even more like Horchata now. Just adding the cream brings out the lactose, and cinnamon. I would have never thought of adding creamy to any beer but it’s actually really good and my friend Moises only wanted it with cream after that.

This beer is a sting 5 out of 5 for me I suggest you try it if you like Horchata at all






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