Stumptown Brewery

Stumptown Brewery

My family and I were on our annual camping trip to bodega bay, CA in Sonoma County. We camp for a full week during Fourth of July every year here. We decided to take a drive to the Russian River in Guerneville, CA. This town is the biggest town in its area, the next big town is seabastapol, CA. There is only one big street through this town and it is a also the highway so when we get in to town it is an instead crowd of cars. We get hungry and look for a place to stop an have lunch but the town is so crowded its hard to look or find a parking place anywhere so I look on Yelp for restaurants.

I found a couple but then I see “Stumptown Brewery” and tell my wife and she asks if they serve food and they do. I called them and asked if they have outdoor seating because we have our dog with us. They said they do but they also have a dog pen. That sold it we go and it’s awesome nice huge outdoor patio overlooking the Russian river and stair leading to the river. The dog pen was great water bowls, a bench, and lots of room.

The inside of Stumptown is a little small but very nice and rustic. The room they have on the outside patio more then makes up for the indoor seating. They have a pool table, air hockey, and many board games.
The food was very good I had the pulled pork sandwich which is a pulled pork with BBQ sauce and a creamy coleslaw ok top and it comes with a side of fries. My wife had the fish and chips and each kid had a hot dog. We were all very pleased with the food. Now for the real reason you are reading this if anyone still is.


Gay Hernandez Summer Ale – ABV 5.8%. – this is a darker amber color then some light lager style summer ales. Strong citrus and apricot hints. This has a great strong bite while remaining refreshing and creamy. I am very pleased with this ale! I give it a 4 out of 5

Bushwacker Wheat
ABV 4.2% – this is a cloudy golden unfiltered hefeweizen the look and color is amazing. The wheat hefeweizen scent is perfect. The taste disappointed me while my wife loved it. I give this 3 out of 5

Rat Bastard Ale
ABV 5.8% – this dark American pale ale is very good. Bitter with a clean finish. I give this beer a 4 out of 5.


This small brewery on the Russian river was a great find and I will be returning for sure! Keep up the good work y’all



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