Santa Clara Valley Brewing – Electric Tower IPA

Electric Tower IPA – Santa Clara Valley Brewing – ABV 7.1% – I was very excited when I heard that Santa Clara Valley brewing was releasing their first beer in stores. Before I could get my hands on a bottle I read an amazing beer blog post on it from Ramblings of a beer runner
At that point it was a must buy next paycheck I was going to Royal liquor and getting a couple bottles. A couple days before I got paid my neighbor Moises got a bottle so I tried it with him first. It is an amazing IPA of the highest quality. I got my two bottles and took one to the end of the school year party at work so my co-workers could try it. It’s one of those beers it’s great to turn new people on to.

The history of the San Jose Electric light tower is a great story read up on it if you feel so inclined.

Light reddish color with a white head and white lacing. Scent of hops. Thin in the mouth but very strong heavy flavor. Strong hops and the alcohol burn in the back I my throat in the after taste. This is a great IPA and a great ale in general.
I give this a 4 out of 5




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