Traquair House Ale

Traquair House Ale – ABV 7.2%
Dark cloudy black color. Scent of dark sweet ale but so faint. Sweet malty flavor like most Scottish ale. It is lighter and thinner then most Scottish ales I am used too. I am impressed with this ale for what it is. I love the history behind the beer and brewery. I will be buying this beer again.

The bottle inticed me with the words “A handmade ale brewed in the ancient brew house of the oldest inhabited house in Scotland”

I did some research to find put more about this brewery. Traquair House, the oldest inhabited house in Scotland, dates back to 1107 AD, when it was a hunting lodge for the kings of Scotland. It has had descendants of the same family living in it from 1491 to the present day. As did many estates of the era, Traquair operated a house brewery and when Mary Queen of Scots visited in 1566, Traquair was already brewing a famous strong ale.

Some time after 1800, brewing ceased at Traquair. The original brewery equipment remained on the estate, idle, until the 20th Laird of Traquair, Peter Maxwell Stuart, discovered the recipe and restored the brewery in 1965. The copper brewkettle at Traquair is over 200 years old, and beer is made in the traditional manner — even using oak fermenting vessels, which contribute to the deep, unique character of these beers.



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