Lagunitas Tap take over 4-18-13

Lagunitas Waldo – American double, imperial IPA – ABV 9.2% – a very dark golden amber color. Nice white head with white lacing. A strong hops scent. The taste is is very smooth and strong. It is hoppy but in a smooth way. Hints of floral citrus flavors.


Lagunitas Sonoma county stout– ABV 9.2% -the scent is of a sour ale, very floral. The color is dark black with a brown head and almost no lacing. The flavor is a light sour with roasted malts. The smokey flavor fades quickly. I find it more bitter then I thought I would and this is nothing like anything else I’ve ever had. It smells way stronger then it tastes. It is a good beer I give it 4 out of 5


Wilco Tango Foxtrot –
American strong ale – ABV 7.83%
The color is a dark brown with a thick white head. The scent is very hoppy like an IPA. The taste is very hoppy but a sting brown ale flavor. I would classify this as a imperial brown ale. It is a thick ale. It is a very good ale! I give this 4.7 out of 5



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