Drake’s Hopocalypse white and black label

Drake’s Hopocalypse white label Double IPA – ABV 9.5% – A dark amber color, only light can be seen threw the beer. It has a thick white head and consistent white lacing The smell is of extremely strong hops. The taste is very very like you would expect from a double IPA, strong hops and roasted mals. It is a very strong ale and very good a must have every year. It is much lighter then the black label. It is much thinner in the the mouth then the black label also but is a great double IPA



Drake’s Hopocalypse Black Label Triple IPA ABV 12.5%
The smell is very strong of hops. The flavor is very strong with hops and roasted malts. The consistency is almost syrupy. Color is a dark orange almost Amber with a thick whitehead. It has a white consistent lacing. It’s the only beer that I have had that reminds me of the dogfishhead 120 minute IPA



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