Melange a Bruery SF Beer week Tuesday

2-12-13 Harry’s Hofbrau San Jose Melange a Bruery- the Bruery tap take over. On Tap: The Bruery Hottenroth, Melange 3, Saison De Lenete, Sour in the Rye, Loakal Red, Mischief, Smoking Wood, Humulas Lager, Autumn Maple, Rugbrod

hottenroth – German -style tart wheat beer- ABV 3.1% the smell is very yeasty. A very cloudy yellow light golden color. The flavor is very flat with not much kick.


Melange 3 – blend of three bourbon barrel aged strong ale- ABV 15% – a very dark black color. The smell is a strong strong oak aged flavor and smells like a stout. The flavor strong, sweet, and smooth


Saison De Lenete – Fresh hippiness and wild rustic Brett character – ABV 6.5% -The scent is very musky strong. The flavor is like a strong white Belgian ale
The color is a cloudy golden color


Sour in the Rye – sour rye ale aged in oak barrels – 7.76% – a very darker orange golden color with a soils white lacing. The sent is sour and floral. The flavor is very sour at first and the turns very sweet, it had a sweet almost honey and floral flavor. This is one of the best sours I have ever had


loakal Red – 75% American red ale , 25% Ale aged in American oak barrels- ABV 6.9%- The smell is very hoppy like a IPA. The color is a dark amber brown color. The flavor is hoppy like a American pale ale for sure is isn’t overpowering but most hops


Mischief Hoppy Belgian-style golden strong ale – ABV 8.5% – a very light yellow color. Mch lighter color then I thought it would be from the description. It has light hoppy scent. A very dry tart flavor it’s a strong flavor but very light notes of hops


Smoking Wood – Smoked Imperial rye porter aged in rye whiskey barrels – ABV 13% – a pitch black color. A strong oak aged smell. Extremely strong smokey flavor


Humulas Lager – Imperial pale lager with 4lbs. Of hops per barrel- ABV 7.4%- a dark golden color with a light white lacing the smell is of hops like an IPa and the flavor is strong of hops like a American pale ale almost IPA


This night we have a bunch of people with us my drinking partner Jesse, my co workers Alex and Matt and Alex’s wife Kat then later my Cousin Tim I haven’t seen since I was a kid and were now grown up and meeting for beer. He came up from the OC for SF beer week. Tim’s sister and best friend showed up later that night. It was a good night of beer The Bruery never fails to please and amaze




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