The Flying Saucer

When I started traveling to Memphis Tennessee for a conference my friend Bryan who lives there and enjoys quality beer also introduced me to the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium. I had never and still have never been to a place as good for a large selection of high quality brews in one place.
Each location has over 250 beers to choose from and about 100 of them are on tap. They are equipped with lounge seating, couches, big chairs, coffee tables, some restaurant style table and chairs seating, and bar seating. I have been to two locations one had darts and other had pool tables. It’s a great atmosphere for drinking beer. They have pub style and German foods that are very good also.

The best thing beside the huge beer selection and they bring in new selections every week is the UFO club. You get a card and a shirt by joining. They track what beers you have had and you can rate them. When you have had 200 different types of beers you get you name on a saucer on the wall. The paper with you name on the saucer change every time you hit the next 200 beers. The color indicates the multiplier of 200 beers. They do limit your beer count to 3 a day for the UFO club so it will take me awhile to get too two hundred beers. For some reason the first year there I didn’t join the UFO club so I only have two years of one week trips each year worth of beer on my count. My count is 29 beers to date until I can get back to Memphis is July.

They have pint night every Monday night, Trivia bowl every Tuesday, brewery night every Wednesday featuring a different brewery with take home glass every week.

Here is what I have tasted at the flying saucer according to my list:
July 10th 2011:
Belhaven Scottish Ale – on Draft- ABV 5.2%- I gave it 5 out of 5

Delirium Nocturnum – bottle- belgian strong ale- ABV 8.5%- I gave it 4 out of 5

July 11th 2011:
Monty Pythons Holy Grail Ale – bottle- English style pale- ABV 4.7%- I gave it 3 out of 5- it’s cool for the name but the beer itself is lacking the full pale ale flavor

D. Carnegie Porter – bottle- Baltic style porter- ABV 5.5%- 5 out of 5

Belhaven Scottish Stout – bottle- stout – ABV 7%- 5 out of 5- this is a good stout from a great brewery

July 12th 2011:
Wells Banana Bread – bottle- English ale- ABV 5.2%- 2 out of 5- wow it tastes like banana bread but missing the nuts. I did not like this beer and I think it is because it is brewed with mineral water and I don’t like mineral water.



Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan – draft- brown ale- ABV 4.39%- 5 out of 5- this is a very tasty brown ale you can taste the pecans and they add a nutty sweetness and a almost Carmel after note

Flying Dog Doggie style pale ale – draft- pale ale- ABV 5.5%- 3 out of 5

July 13th 2011:
Murphy’s Irish Stout – draft- stout- ABV 4%- 5 out of 5- this is one of my favorite stouts it is much creamier then other stouts. Murphy’s makes a much better carbomb also the creamy stout plays better with the bialys

Innis & Gunn Rum Cask – bottle- Scotch Ale- ABV 7.4%- 5 out of 5- YES I found my favorite beer that day! This ale is aged in oak casks that were used to age Rum. This ale tastes similar to scotch due to the oak and the rum flavors from aging.



Blue Velvet – mix- Guinness, hard apple cider, topped with port wine- 2 out of 5- the sound of it on paper sounds good but I really was not a fan and would not have it again

July 14th 2011:
Abita Root Beer – draft- non-alcoholic- 5 out of 5- this is a very good root beer and having it in tap I think makes it better it was strong and high quality

July 13th 2012:
Red Brick Wee Heavy – bottle- Scottish Ale- ABV 6.5%- 3 out of 5- a half way decent wee heavy. It’s not close to the Belhaven wee heavy too say the least.

O’Fallon Smoked Porter – bottle- porter- ABV 6%- 3 out of 5

Innis & Gunn Rum Cask – draft- Scotch Ale- ABV 7.4%- 5 out of 5-

July 14th 2012:
half and half – mix- Guinness and harp layered- 5 out of 5- Basically it’s a Black and Tan with harp. I thought this was better keeping it all Irish but the harp is too thin and the flavor was too light.

Guinness black lager – bottle- black lager- ABV 4.5%- 1 out of 5- I was not impressed at all the flavor was too light for a black ale and just failed at the creation of this beer I will not buy it again

BlackStone St. Charles Porter – draft – porter- ABV 5.8%- 4 out of 5

July 15th 2012:
Xingu Brazilian Black – bottle- Schwarzbier- ABV 4.7%- 4 out of 5- Brazil South America’s modern version of a Historical Amazon drink. This is the fourth best selling beer in South America. Black color with a craggy brown head.

Tilburg’s Dutch Brown Ale – bottle – ABV 5%- 5 out of 5

Belhaven Wee Heavy – bottle- Scottish Ale- ABV 6.5% – 5 out of 5 – this is a high quality tasty Wee Heavy!



July 16th 2012:
Saucer Favorite Black and Tan – Mix- Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Guinness layered- this is a Grrrreat Black and Tan the strong flavors from the Sierra Nevada plays so good with the Guinness I’d say even better then Bass and for sure better the Harp

Magic Hat #9 – draft- fruit Pale Ale- ABV 5.1%- 4 out of 5- this is a great brew with flavors of apricot and has a crisp finish. It I a great refreshing fruit ale. We even got a keg of this beer at our 2011 picnic

Lazy Magnolia Southern Hops’pitality – draft- IPA – ABV 6%- 4 out of 5- an extremely hoppy brew with strong taste

July 17th 2012:
RJ Rockers Buckwheat after dark – bottle- Dunkelweizen -ABV 5.6%- 3 out of 5- a dark ale with scents of banana, hazelnut and chocolate. The chocolate is strong in the flavor with a banana back end.

Abita Turbodog – draft- brown ale- ABV 5.6%- 3 out of 5

July 18th 2012:
Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard – bottle- strong ale- ABV 7.6% -5 out of 5- arrogant bastard I one of my Favorite beers it has a strong flavor with a huge bite in each sip and to have a oak aged version it’s amazing

New Belgium 1554 – draft- Belgian dark ale- ABV 5.6%- 4 out of 5- I really like this ale it is a ale they stopped making a long time ago and dates back to the year 1554. It’s a must try

Maredsous 8 – Brune – draft- Dubbel- ABV 8% -5 out of 5- a very high quality Belgian ale. This night we even got the glass but I left it with my friend Byan who lives in Memphis to mail me but he hasn’t and he’s been sending me pictures I him drinking out of my glass since just teasing me



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