21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon and Bitter American


21st Amendment is a local brewery in San Francisco, CA. They have been gaining more and more attention in beer blogs and the craft beer scene. Their big thing is Craft beer in a can which threw me for a loop but I kept an open mind and just wanted to judge them on the brew its self. I got a 6 pack of each Beer from my beer drinking partner. The 6 pack box and each can has very cool with very pop culture almost street art drawings on each one.

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon
Fruit beer- ABV 4.9%
I cracked the can it smelled like a caned beer. I poured it its light like a American lager with a small white head. I smells like a normal American lager from a can. The taste is watermelon for sure but very light, not much hops kinda like a light lager. The color is light golden but you cannot see through it. It has a nice consistent white lacing. It’s a good fruit beer but too light for my taste.



21st Amendment Bitter American
American Pale Ale- ABV 4.4%
I expected a much darker beer when I cracked the can and I was right. A darker golden color. I smelled it and said YES. It is a very strong hoppy smell kind of like a IPA. Thick white head with thick consistent white lacing. The taste is very hoppy and the bitter is on the back end only. I said to my wife when the beers in you mouth it’s not bitter it’s just very hoppy, the hops are strong with this one like a Jedi. I really really like this one. I find it to be a complex hoppy strong Pale Ale. My drinking partner thinks its too bitter but I don’t. Its not like bitter fosters which is too bitter to drink for me.




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