Allagash Pint Night January 3rd

Allagash Pint Night Harry’s Hofbrau San Jose, CA January 3rd

Allagash bourbon barrel aged black
ABV 9.3% I had this the other day at liquid bread but today it has a better taste I must have got the end of a keg the other day. Color is black but you can see dark red tent through the ale. The smell isn’t as strong as other bourbon barrel aged ale but still that distinct scent. It is a thick ale with smooth oak flavor and a creamy malty taste. I am much happier with this ale tonight and the price is much cheaper then what I paid at liquid bread for the same pour


Brother Thelonious – North Coast Brewing Co.
Belgian Strong Dark Ale ABV 9.4% color is a deep dark brown with not much head with no lacing. Strong sweet flavor with a spicy back end. Heavy tastes of burnt sugar and even burnt raw sugar with a almost fruity taste.




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