Rose Bowl game with New Belgium’s Lips of faith series

I am sitting in my living room watching my college sports team Stanford play Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl on January 1st 2013

New Belgium Biere De Garde – ABV 9%
Ale brewed with orange peel. The scent is if a strong ale and oranges. You can taste the orange peel in every aspect of this ale the initial taste, with it in your mouth and the carry through to the after taste. The color is very light see through but very orange. Half way through my glass I’m feeling the beer more then normal and that when I looked up the ABV and to my surprise it’s a 9% for being such a light color and consistency it’s surprisingly strong.



New Belgium Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout – ABV 9% very dark black in color with a brown solid lacing. You cant see through the beer at all. Strong dark chocolate, coffee and roasted malts in the flavor.




Good game Stanford won and I had 2 high quality strong ales worthy of their names


2 thoughts on “Rose Bowl game with New Belgium’s Lips of faith series

  1. This is my first time to taste a beer that truly advertises what it is. Kinda my new favorite. Tge wife likes it too! SO GOOD!

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