Heretic Brewing tap take over November 8th

November 8th Harry’s Hofbrau San Jose, CA. Heretic brewery tap take over. on Tap that night: Evil Cousin, Evil twin, Shallow Grave and torment.

This was a good night I got to try all 4 beers.

Evil Cousin – West coast imperial IPA. Good IPA I’m just not a fan of imperial IPAs. ABV 8%

Evil Twin – Blood Red west coast Amber. A very tasty amber full of flavor. It’s a must have. ABV 6.8%

Shallow Gave – Porter. This was my favorite out of the 4 but I’m a huge fan or porters and stouts. ABV 7%

Torment – Belgian Dark Strong ale. Not everyone can get get a Belgian Strong Ale right but this one did. Strong bold complex flavor dark color. It is a high quality ale like all the beers I had from Heretic that night. ABV 10%

Heretic brewery is a good beer maker. I liked all 4 beers that night they brew in the Bay Area in Pittsburg, CA right by the water.



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