Belgium beer November 23rd

November 23rd 2012. BYR of Belgium and Campbell Brewing Company Downtown Campbell, CA

Beer lovers know that German and Belgium beer is some of the priciest beer you can buy $8-$10 a glass. BYR of Belgium was having their Black Friday Draught deals $1-$2-$3 something. All I thought was that’s crazy cheep for great beer!

$1- Maes Pils and Ommegang BPA
$2- Liefmans Fruitesse, Affligem Blond, Lost Abbey Judgement Day
$3- Kwak, Tripel Karmeliet

I had the Kwak, Lost Abbey, Affligem, and 2 BPAs. I also had a beersicle which was the Liefmans Fruitesse with some water, vanilla and sugar. It was really really good!

Kwak is a good amber Belgian ale with 8.4% ABV it was served in a interesting glass held by this wooden handel it was a favorite of the night.

Lost Abbey Judgement day was dark and strong fully of complex flavors and heavy malts with a 10.5% ABV this hard hitting California brewed Belgian style ale was a winner in my book. My friend got the last pint of the keg and I got the first pint of the new keg. We got to see an taste the difference. Of course the new keg is fresher beer but it also was darker and the flavors more complex like the old keg just lost all the flavor and body of the ale.

Affligem Blond came with a biscuit. It was light almost airy but good flavor. Nice and refreshing after the two heavys Kwak and lost Abbey. It is a quality Belgian blond ale 6.7% ABV

Ommegang BPA is always good. It’s a great Belgian style pale ale brewed in New York. This is one of my favorite beers Ommegang brew. ABV 6.2%

BYR of Belgium also has GREAT traditional Belgian food! They also have A wide selection of Belgian beer in bottle including many sour ales which make my Friend Jesse happy.

After those brews we were feeling pretty good but they closed so we went across the start to the Campbell brewing company. We all got the Scottish Ale they brew in house. It does not live up to the Campbell name nor is it a good Scottish Ale. The color was light more like a Red ale, it wasn’t heavy like a true Scottish ale it didn’t have to settle. The flavor was a Scottish ale but lacked the bite and body. I will not be getting that again






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