Widmer Brothers December 6th

December 6th 2012. Harry’s Hofbrau San Jose California. Pint Night Widmer Brothers tap takeover. Options were Widmer Brrrbon 2012, Brrrbon 2011, Brrrbon 2010, Milk Stout, Falconer’s IPA, SXNW, and Lemon Grass Wheat.

I only had 2 hours that night so I tried the Brrrbon 2012, Brrrbon 2010, Milk Stout, and Flaconer’s IPA.

The Brrrbon 2012 is aged in oak casks that bourbon was aged in. Oak cask aged ale happens to be my favorite of all brews. The oak cask aged ales have a hard alcohol flavor and bite. This one had a great flavor hints of whisky. It was a little more red then dark and the consistency was much lighter then most dark thick oak cask ales I have had and that threw me off a little but the flavor was good just ladling more of a bite. ABV 9.4%

The Brrrbon 2010 is aged longer in the oak cask. It had more bite, was darker and thicker then the 2012. basically what the 2012 was missing the 2010 had. It was a great Oak cask aged ale! The flavor has much more complex then the 2012, stronger whisky hints and a robust bite. ABV 9.4%

Widmer Milk Stout was a dark almost pure pitch black, thick stout. I was expecting a creamy stout with the milk almost like Murphy’s. It was nothing like what I expected it was super smokey and strong. My friend and I almost said it had a ashtray flavor because how strong the smokey flavor is but that’s not fair it’s not that bad then it wouldn’t be drinkable and this was for sure drink able. It was enjoyable to drink it you like smokey stouts but because how smoky it was it made you drink it slower then you normally would. ABV 7.6%

Falconer’s IPA. I was not impressed with this IPA it lacked the full flavor and bite of a real IPA it drank to smooth and was too light. It was more of a light pale ale not an IPA. ABV 7%





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